Sunday, September 26, 2010

Enter the Dungeons of Saedom!

This post is actually the first pre-game post for the next session of my new D&D 4e mega-dungeon campaign set in... er, under the once shining city of Saedom. We have already played through a few sessions.The party has already advanced to 2nd level (early) and has been trudging their way through a few minor dungeons since the campaign's inception. The party did not start in Saedom because I was not sure about the exact direction the campaign would take from the start. I did not want to force them into my own ODD/ADD 4e revival without at least their tacit approval. The game origanally had a couple of possible long term story arcs which we have scrapped in favor of going for a straight up dungeon crawl. A combination of the players' own gaming styles and my desire to get back to OSG, in a 4e context, have gotten me to this point. It will take at least 2 more sessions for us to actually get to Saedom, but I am already prepping.

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