Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet the Party

The party in this campaign consists of a mix of defenders, strikers, and a leader. The party has no controllers though there are some controller-like powers mixed into their lists. The players are a mix of some of my oldest friends, 2 of whom were in my first ADD games when we were kids, and some newer friends. Following is a list of the characters' names, races, classes, and a little bit about the style with which they are played.

Borgon the Ancient:
Borgon is an old man and psion who has for decades practiced using telepathic magic. He has decided team up with the others to test his mental powers while enriching his retirement fund. Borgon is generally pretty balanced and often provides a voice of reason when it comes to less combat related challenges.

Skavinsky Hymes:
Skavinsky Hymes is human sorcerer who combines the raw power of draconic magic with the studied skill of a traditional wizard. His talents lay in laying waste to opponents quickly, engulfing them in flames or blasting them with acid. He adventures to fill his purse and to test his magical skills. His creative mind provides alternative courses of action when the party is not sure of what to do next.

Kral is the bastard child of a human woman and an orc raider. Though raised among humans, he has always been drawn to his "orciness". Kral is a cleric of Kos, a mighty warrior deity. In battle he heals his allies, but is never afraid to hurl himself into the center of the fight. He adventures for the sheer pleasure of fighting and plundering.

A dwarfen rager-fighter, Hrothgar swings a mighty double-handed axe. As a battle rages he gets stronger. He is always the last man... er, um dwarf standing. Hrothgar, in true dwarf fashion adventures to avenge the thousands of wrongs that the world has visited upon his people while hoping to amass a fortune to bring back to his homeland. 

Thaddeus Sh'tain:
Thaddeus left the safety of the dwarfen holds as a young dwarf. He learned the ways of the natural world while learning to bend the will of the primal spirits to serve him in battle; he became a warden. He adventures to enjoy the pleasure of defeating his opponents while exploring the world and gathering treasure, whether above or below the earth's surface. He uses his powers to hold up and to pin down opponents while cutting them to ribbons with his axe.

Barashtruk is a dragonborn paladin, a worshiper of Isaak, the Suffering God. He excels at defeating individual opponents while bolstering the strengths of his party members. His strict devotion to the Cult of Suffering has at times put him at odds with some of the other members of the party. 

The party has six members though most times not all of them are present. The party excels at hacking through opponents, having easily cut through monsters much higher level than they are. e.g. at 1st level they defeated a wyrmling dragon and its tribe of kobold servants. On the other hand, I fear that their strength in pure firepower has made them less survivable in the long run; as they delve deeper into the dungeon, the attrition of hardcore dungeoneering may be a greater enemy than the monsters.


  1. 'attrition of hardcore dungeoneering'? Could this mean scurvy or beri-beri?

  2. No, mostly just ticks... and gelatinous cubes.