Friday, October 1, 2010

Dungeons of Saedom: Next Session

We are scheduled to play on Saturday night. It is a relief to be playing again after such a long pause: over two months. In a bid to create some artificial excitement, I have leveled up the party early... very early; they are now 2nd level! It gives them a chance to make some adjustments to their characters via retraining for some of their powers as well as getting a new feat and their 1st utility powers. To fill for their lack of leadership, even though Kral is a cleric he is very combat focused, the party will hopefully use this chance to get some healing and other buffs into their lists.

We will begin by spending 50 minutes working on leveling up and then we will get into the action. I need to give you some more information about our campaign: we play via Fantasy Grounds II. It is a pretty cool system which allows me to set up a server on which the players connect and play. The prep by me is more involved (loading up maps and tokens, creating text blocks, linking everything together, etc.) than playing with pen and paper. But the actual play is visually satisfying (maps, tokens, etc.) and it allows us to focus on the "playing of role-playing" instead of the management: e.g. no lost character sheets. In fact, Fantasy Grounds even does most of the math for us; we just have to be sure that the PCs character sheets are correctly put into Fantasy Grounds.