Friday, October 1, 2010

Dungeons of Saedom: Playable Races

With the exceptions of the goliath and the shardmind, (because they are lame) and the deva, the shifters, and the githzerai (because of my own difficulties placing them in the campaign) all 4e PHB races are playable races in the Dungeons of Saedom campaign:


There will be more posts concerning  race in my campaign. I want to give players a wide berth when it comes to selecting races while trying to preserve the feel and look of my campaign. I feel that I need to leave the classic D&D races open, even gnomes, though sometimes I feel that they have little place in most campaigns because they are pretty lame. Other newer races, I have sprinkled in, to allow players to explore newer character types. I have even considered adding goblins to the list. In Saedom goblins lead more "civilized" lives than their brethren in most other campaigns.


  1. What, no Fremlins or Kobold Lawyers?

  2. Well... heh man. I can always make an exception for a Kobold Lawyer. What level is he? Has he passed the bar?