Friday, November 26, 2010

I have been waiting so long for this?

Rob Conley over at Bat in the Attic put this new bit of info out there for us last week. The Official D&D VTT (virtual table top) that we have all been waiting for is finally here!  Yaeh... but, wait. Hold your applause until we get a little bit of background information first.

The summer of 2007 gave us a blast of new information about the newest incarnation of D&D was going to be like. 4e was on its way! I was psyched. But there was even more great news. A new way to play D&D was in development. Wizards was in the process of developing an awesome, online interface: a VTT. The D&D VTT would be part of a complete package of tools which would be bundled with subscriptions to newly revamped, digital editions of Dungeon and Dragon magazines. The VTT, tools, and magazines were all going to be part of something called DDI (Dungeons & Dragons Insider). Now of course it was not going to be free. A modest, naturally, charge would accompany any DDI subscription. This cool video from GENCON showed us the great stuff that was in store for us.

But wait... after three years of waiting, we had not heard a word. In fact, the topics relating to the VTT were removed from the D&D/Wizard's website. Now, finally we have some news... yeah (muffled)? WTF! That is nothing like what we saw in the video. In fact, it is nothing like something that might only be something like what we saw in the video. Horribly disappointing.

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  1. Yeah looks like crap comparatively. I was excited from the previous vids too, unfortunately Wizards is releasing a product too little too late.