Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Geomorphs Have Just Leveled Up!

I have been following the geomorph work of Dyson for some time now. I really like what he has been doing with creating geomorphs, and have used his geomorphs as inspiration for some of my own maps. The problem is that to generate a random map from geomorphs, I would need to print off a bunch of geomorphs, toss them in a pile and piece them together like a puzzle. This is not a huge hassle. But if I need to quickly generate a dungeon, I need something that I can, on the fly, just pull out and roll with. DungeonMorph Dice are exactly that... I can pull them out and roll with them by rolling them. To make up a dungeon, I can just toss them on a table and use my hands to smash them into a square or rectangle... Dungeon complete. They also double as d6s. Now I can roll up a dungeon and a fireball at the same time.

I encourage you to support this project and get in on some of these great dice. I already have.

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