Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Bit of a New Look

I have decided that I need to do some work on my blog. A few months ago I made a personal commitment to being a better blogger and getting back into working on my own 3X mash-up campaign. They are mutually reinforcing. I think I have been doing pretty well... or at least well enough. I have been posting semi-regularly... even better, some of my posts have had some useful content in them (Yeah! Joesky). Now I need to spruce up this blog a little. I have a plan.

The first step is to give some support to the community: those that have supported me in getting this blog going. Just cruising the tubes a few times a week has given me so much inspiration. I am going to start putting gadgets on the side of my blog to let poeple know about some of the people out there that I really agree with. e.g. Even though I do not play Labyrinth Lord, I just love Realms of Crawling Chaos and have used it as a great source of inspiration for my own game. I am a member of the Labyrinth Lord Society.

I am also going to be turning my links gadget into an actual blogroll so that my "fans" can use my blog to keep up on some of the great stuff that is going on "out there" on the tubes. I will also start following the blogs that I read. I check them regularly but I have not gotten into using GoogleReader to keep me organized. I am starting to use Reader. I want to be sure to get the 30 or so blogs that I do follow into GoogleReader.

Finally, I will be creating a new header. The new header will be hand drawn-ish. My hope is that it will be reminiscent of the doodles that I (we) used to, and still do, sketch in the margins of character sheets.

Joesky's Tithe:
Here is a starter map for the highway-dungeon-tunnels which connect the "major" dungeons of my campaign. Though the Saedom campaign will certainly have wilderness and urban action, the bulk of what's happening is happening in dungeons. A while ago I took a look at this great post from Zak S. at Playing D&D With Pornstars. Zak lays out a simple system to generate a cool urban layout. Why not apply it to caves and tunnels? Here is my "slacker" dungeon:

Feel free to use this map. Like everything on this blog it is here to be shared.


  1. It would even make a good layout for city streets... although there are too few rooms/plazas and too many corridors/streets.

  2. That's right. They are streets... just underground-ey, tube-ish streets.