Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Geomorph Dice Designs

As a contributor at the highest level to the DungeonMorph Dice project I have the oppurtunity to design my own die. Below is a quick (10 minute) dungeon which I am going to use as a basis for creating my own DungeonMorph die. I have already cut the dungeon up into six appropriately sized pieces (10x10 grid). I still have to clean them up so that they are the correct size, etc. I do need to get them done soon. They need to be sent in by Sunday night.

Tell me what you think.

Joesky's Tithe:
Trying out a new "universal" stat block for my 3X mash-up. Below is the NPC/monster stat block that I am starting to experiment with in my own games. I have tried to put in all of the info I might need to run the monster while leaving out anything extra. Like in 4e, you should be able to run this monster without having to look at anything else... except spell decriptions. You might notice that I have a "Magic Use" stat on the block. It is one of the skills that will be making its way into my game. In the future I may be doing quite a bit with Magic Use as I do some house rule-ing in my D&D game. We will have to see.

Type:CR:XP Value:
Oni, Ogre Mage(Large Outsider)84,800
Perception:13Sense(s):darkvision (60 ft)
Touch AC: 12
Surprised AC:18
Hit Points/Bloodied:92/46Regeneration: 5/rd (fire/acid)
Spell Resistance:19
Attacks:great sword 14/9 (3d6+10)
Casting Class/Level:cleric/9Magic Use:14
Spells (constant):fly
Spells (at-will):darkness, invisibility
Spells (1/day):charm monster (DC 17), Cone of Cold (DC 18), 
Gaseous Form, Deep Slumber (DC 16)
Possessions:chain mail shirt, great sword

I selected an Oni to stat out because the abilities it has forces me to put a line for everything on the stat block (spells, spell resistance, darkvision, etc.). Maybe in the future I will just use this block as my base and remove unused posrtions for NPCs/monsters that do not need them. e.g. An orc warrior would not need a section for spells, so that would be absent.

I know there is a lot of work yet to be done on this. Help me tighten this up so that I can get it rolling.

Next Post:
Final Cut on Skills


  1. Just to clarify, the reward is to design 1 side of 1 die. That said, I can try to include more than one design if the design(s) flow/fit with the others. That's fairly subjective, unfortunately. I can say that I'm planning on each die having a theme: temples (where a few temple designs are posted in an update), great halls/throne rooms, guard barracks, mage studies/libraries, crypt, kill-zones/traps, dining halls, "special" (things like the maze design.)

    Breaking them down like this allows you to predetermine that you've got a necromancer's lair so you want a mage/study area, crypt, kill-zones, "special" and you can take or leave the others. (Although a couple designs on each die will be somewhat generic to improve randomness.)

    So you might come up with a set of designs that are a goblin king's lair with a dining/kitchen area, barracks, kill-zone, throne room, etc. And if I can squeeze a few of them in (instead of just your favorite) I will. You can also do a cavern design if you'd like.

    Joe --DungeonMorph Dice project coordinator, obviously.

  2. Hedge this looks awesome. It reminds me of one of my this map archive, http://plagmada.org/gallery/main.php

  3. Yes, Joe. I do understand that I just get one side. The map was an excercise to get me going and to see what forms I came up with. I will come away with 3 or 4 cleaned up images and then send them to you to select whichever you think is best. That is my plan. I hope that is ok.

  4. Sorry... didn't see your reply earlier. Yep, doing a few and letting me pick makes it very easy on me. Thanks!