Monday, April 18, 2011

My Morphs

Here are the three designs/suggestions I have for the DungeonMorph Dice project. As a top level contributor this is one of my perks. If you have not checked out this awesome project, please take a look.

My intent was to have a collapsed-temple-y feel. One of the dungeon portions is more caverny and all three morphs are literred with statues (obviously images of the dark dieties of past ages) or columns.

The DungeonMorph Dice project is in line with all of the great "morph-ing" the following bloggers have been doing:

Tim Ballew "Risus Monkey"
M. S. Jackson "Lapsus Calumni"
Shane Knysh "Fictitious Entry"
Dyson Logos "A Character for Every Game"
David Millar "Dave's Mapper"
Brutus Motor "This is Dice Country"
AJ Stone "Stonewerks"

Please check out their blogs. When working on maps I have used them for inspriration time and time again.

I guess, since my morphs are actual geomorphs, that they can be useful in gaming and that they, therfore, qualify as my Joesky's Tithe for this post.

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  1. Hey Christian,

    I don't know why I didn't think to ask earlier, but would you be willing to let me include your 3 custom morphs on my web app?

    Dave's Mapper -

    Please let me know!