Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Table Competition

I just want to make everyone aware of this cool competition for making tables. Check it out.

I am going to enter the encounter table I have been using in my own game (it's pretty math-ey and awesome) as well as a couple of others that I have thrown together.

Over at Joeskythedungeonbrawler's Blog, last summer he made this demand of the D&D blogging-verse. In short, he wants us to post something useful everytime we post. By "useful" he means a chart or table, cool house rule, dungeon map, etc. The idea is that with this standard in effect there will always be some great (and some not so great) creative content flowing out through the tubes of the intro-nets.

I have decided to give in to Joesky's demand. From now on, any posts that do not have something useful built into them (e.g. this post) will be accompanied by something like this:

Joesky's Tithe:

New Item: Powdered Ogre's Tusk

Appearance: In your hand you hold a small, 1 inch diameter, container. It is constructed of dark, chiseled stone. A rune is gouged into its surface (those who can read Giant recognize it as Garmd: the rune of strength and power). After removing the cover, you find the container to be filled with a fine, brown-gray powder. As you tilt the container from side to side you notice miniscule, red crystals mixed into the powdery contents.

Rule: When the powder is ingested (eaten, smoked, sniffed, etc.) the consuming character gains a +2 strength bonus for the remainder of the encounter (2d6 rounds). A found container typically holds 1d4+1 doses of Powdered Ogre Tusk.

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