Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Old Discussion.

After having settled back into home life (I was away with work for quite a while) I have started delving back into the dungeons of D&D. I have started catching up with the blogs which I follow. On Bat in the Attic I found a few links to three smart, simple articles from the The Escapist.

Basically the articles work to lay out a simple past and present of D&D while also making some dire predictions concerning what may come in the future.

After having read these articles, I feel a bitt more grounded in where The Game is right now. I feel like I have missed a lot in the last six months; these articles have let me know that not too much has changed. Some things certainly have changed though... for the better. Some examples: my Dungeonmorph Dice have arrived and they are awesome; James M. over at Grognardia has been busier than ever, releasing Thousand Suns while closing in on releasing the Dwimmermount Codex and the Petty Gods supplement; and Zak S. over at Pornstars seems to have inspired/led/traced the birth of the online Google + gaming scene which he calls Constantcon.

After having caught up a bit, I do not feel that D&D is in the bad shape that Hasbro seems to feel it is in. Yes, D&D is not going to be a big brand at Hasbro. And this is ok with me, Hasbro is not in my emerging markets portfolio. But, there is a huge market out there and there are great products out there. The DIY/OSR community continues to produce great products and they just keep getting better. And Pathfinder continues to grow, giving new players a place to ground themselves before they jump into the water and start creating their own games.

I totally agree with what Mike Mearls... lets cut the collective "bullshit" and play some great games. Others are saying this too.

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