Saturday, August 10, 2013


I have to say that I love Dyson's great new-ish "Isometric OSR" and that I would be proud to display it along the right side of my blog like so many others have. But after thinking about it for a minute or two, I realized that posting the OSR logo on my blog might not be entirely genuine of me. I am not really the strictest of OSR gamers. I do have the proper pedigree: I am of the "right" age and started playing with the "right" editions of the game (Red Box to start with, eventually moving on to AD&D). And I do still love those older editions of the game... I regularly retreat to the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia when I need to get some clarification on some little detail or just for a little inspiration.

I do have a link to Matt Finch's A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming on the right side and I do use Swords and Wizardry as my base rule set, but I am still not sure if I am really an OSR gamer.
Maybe it is just because I am unsure about hitching myself to any wagon, even a wagon which I do so often identify with like the OSR.

I have been looking for a name for my own style of game, and I have come to calling it "Home-School". First of all... it's my home game with my house rules and hacks (many of which I have borrowed from the online community). Second it is like school, partially in the old school sense and also in the sense that my gaming table is a little like school, for both me and my players (some of them are new to gaming so it really is school for them... gaming school).

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