Friday, December 27, 2013

Sheets with Character

I have been gearing up for my new game and been cutting out some bits and bolting on others to my D&D which I call Swords & Wizardry Home-School.

I am using S&W (using ascending AC and one, simplified saving throw) as the chassis and bolting on bits either inspired by or simply taken right from Akrasia and Whitehack... and the OSR / DIY community.

My new group's first session is next week. With combining D&D veterans and green recruits, many of whom I have never gamed with before, I need deliver my house rules and some basic information on D&D. A great way to do this is through a using a custom character sheet. A character sheet, for newbs, helps focus attention on the raw statistics they need to master to survive their  first few sessions; developing their characters' personalities comes later, with time. For experienced players, based on which labels, lines, and boxes are present on a character sheet one immediately knows what type (edition or era) of game he is playing. e.g. If there is no space for skills and feats that means that skills and feats have no place in that game. Putting basic house rules on the sheet keeps players of all types informed and on track throughout the session.

My character sheet is inspired by, and cut and pasted from, Dyson's Hand Tooled character sheets. Thanks Dyson. The male and female forms in the left corner are ripped from an old character sheet I picked up online last year some time. It was on an old blog called Geek Orthodox which hadn't been updated in a long time, which no longer exists. I did find the originals again on photobucket though.

Here they are... feel free to use them at your own table.

If you have any comments about making these better please share them. I would like to get to a final version which includes the entire chargen process and the game's basic rules. Kind of like a quick start character sheet which would be all that a new player would need to enjoy playing his first few games of D&D.

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