Sunday, July 31, 2016

Buy The Undercroft... Now!

Hey, I just want to promote a great 'zine that I finally got my shit enough together to buy... The Undercroft by Daniel Sell. I have been following his blog What Would Conan Do for almost a year. It literally has a pile of great house rules and neat game-able stuff. Just on quick little snippet is his most recent post, in which he rigs up a quick little luck rule for use in classic D&D games based on the great Fighting Fantasy series of books (BTW the way I have a few of the classic FF titles from Ian Livingstone).

You can get The Undercroft either through his Patreon campaign, his own webstore the Meslonian Arts Council (my choice), or through DTRPG. If you get it through Melsonian, you can get pdf/print bundles. Right now he offers a bundle called Everything... you get it all... it's a great deal. He's getting close to releasing issue number 10.

My Complete The Undercroft Collection
On to my Joesky's Tax payment:

When the PCs are chilling at town between sessions, getting shit taken care of in town, where do the PCs sleep and eat... where is their home, hotel, or hovel?

I have thrown together a little table with some descriptions in order to help players make informed choices when they are selecting where they want to crash. Listed costs are per pause between sessions, whether they are a few days or a few weeks.

Homeless (cost: free) - 50% Normal Healing Rate and re-roll HD keeping lower result
Squalor (cost; 5 sp) - 50% Normal Healing Rate
Common (cost; 20 sp) - Normal Healing Rate
Comfortable (cost; 5 gp) - Double Normal Healing Rate
Luxury (cost; 10 or more gp) - Double Normal Healing Rate and re-roll HD keeping higher result

Be sure to consider other, non-mechanics based, elements of where a character lives. Such as, the sort of people the character has as contacts, how a PC smells (not getting many showers when you're living in the gutter!) and its effect on the Grand Chancellor's Majordomo, whether criminals are targeting your house (be careful rich dudes), etc.

Also, check out The Best of Joesk'y Tax. An old post of mine (which is mostly ripped off of someone else) is listed here.

Also, also,  Zak and the Ladies are back with more I Hit it With My Axe Episodes... can't wait to see more!

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