Saturday, November 4, 2017

DM Helper: Armor Class Conversions

I have been pretty absent from this blog. Work just takes a ton of time and energy. Something I threw together a while ago, is this little chart. It is something you/a DM can easily cut and paste into a doc or glue (with a actual paste) into a DM screen.

It is an Armor Class (AC) conversion table. It includes AC values from AD&D, B/X, Swords and Wizardry, and Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I use a house-ruled B/X (Labyrinth Lord) ruleset. One of my biggest house-rules is that I use Ascending Armor Class (AAC). Newer players to D&D find it much easier t work with. In this table, I am looking at the S&W/AAC column as the column from which I draw my outputs.

I hope this is useful.

thAC0 Attack Matrix AAC AAC
Base 10 Base 9 Base 10 Base 12
10 9 10 12
9 8 11 13
8 7 12 14
7 6 13 15
6 5 14 16
5 4 15 17
4 3 16 18
3 2 17 19
2 1 18 20
1 0 19 21
0 -1 20 22
-1 -2 21 23
-2 -3 22 24
-3 -4 23 25
-4 -5 24 26
-5 -6 25 27


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