Rolling Up PCs

I am putting to paper (?) the character generation process for my D&D Home-School campaign. I am following the steps laid down by Tom Moldvay (D&D Basic, page B5) to one degree or another. While this page allows us to quickly roll up characters when we get a new party together, this page, more importantly, serves as a reference for individual players to roll up new characters when their PCs die without requiring a break in play. I want the process to be quick and easy to access. As I get more of my campaign specifics posted, any tables, lists, etc. required to roll up a character will be linked. 

1. Grab a character sheet (here is my most recent version) or a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, and some dice. 
2. Roll 3d6 in order for  each ability score (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, and CHA); record the rolled score next to the ability score on your character sheet. If you are not pleased with the results you may swap any score for any other score. This may be done only one time. 
3. Select a Racial Strain and Class. Record any other Racial and Class abilities and penalties. Record your ability score modifiers and and other ability score derived information (below). Record the bonus skill points your character receives. Allocate skills.

Ability      Score Mod       Languages/
Bonus Skills

  1-3   -3     barely speak
  4-5   -2     illiterate
  6-8   -1
 9-12 none      literate
13-15  +1         +1
16-17  +2
  18+  +3

4. Mark your earned experience points, XP, as being zero (0) and consult these tables (Article 3) to record the amount of XP required to advance to the next level.
5. Determine and record your number of starting hit points and wounds. Use this system (paragraph titled: Wounds and Hit Points). PCs start with wounds equal to their CON score plus their Class level. Hit points are generated by rolling their class-based hit dice.
6. Randomly select and annotate your starting equipment and starting cash. Use this system here
7. Now that you have determined what equipment you have you can calculate and record your armor class, AC. Add the AC value of your armor to twelve (12) and add or subtract your DEX bonus, as appropriate. This is your AC. 
8. Included in your equipment are some weapons. Record their names and other information in the appropriate portions of your character sheet. Use your race/class information and the information here to aid in calculating the To-Hit and damage values of your weapons. Calculate each weapon's To-Hit modifier. Add your class-based To-Hit value to any ability score-based modifiers. Determine the base damage done by each of your weapons; apply ability score-based modifiers (STR usually). 
9. Record your speed. 
10. Calculate your encumbrance value. Use this simple system. If your encumbrance value is a negative number it will slow you down and effect any physical actions you take. 
11. Give your character and awesome name and sketch out his awesomeness (if you like).