B/X Style Race as Class Options

For my newest game, set in Bohemia and the Danube River Valley during the 17th Century with a Hyperborean twist, I am sticking with the base classes available in the Labyrinth Lord (my go to Basic D&D clone): Clerics of the One True God, Fighters/ Warriors, Magic-Users/ Specialists (usually called Sorcerers by the the locals... especially when they come looking for you with torches, pitchforks, and a noose), and Thieves/ Rogues. I am also adding a few more gonzo classes as well as rounding out the classics with different options.

This game is set a a very humano-centric universe. Halflings are permitted as they are seen as tiny mutants who live on the borders of human society rather than being a separate race. On the other hand there is also a gigantic race: Ogres, who are seen as mutated, giant humans, feared for their massive size and strength. Like their diminutive cousins, Ogres are shunned by most humans and live only on the outermost edges of human society. Many people live and die never having seen either a Halfling or an Ogre. Elves are off limits for now as they need some work. The Elves will be morphed into the Eld, immortal travelers who come to our Earth in order to take advantage of its natives and either return to pan dimensional city-states with their barge-ships laden with slaves and booty, or returning to the Fey Realms with magical treasures and human children: changelings. Dwarves are much more like elusive beings from deep below the Earth who shun contact with men. 

Below is series of links to other race/class combinations which, with a few minutes of work can be ported into our game. Many of these, especially in the case of the Specialist, are linked to provide inspiration.

Alice-A unique little girl with some unique little abilities 
Ogre (see Half-Giant) and Gladiator

Elves also see Brave the Labyrinth 'Zine #5... they are mean alien Motherfuckers... Elric!


Barbarian1, Barbarian 2, Barbarian 3


Drug Trance Mage

Life Sucking Hags

A few unique spins on being a Specialist:
Rat Catcher
Rat Bastard

Houri: sexy Sword & Sorcery style temptress assasin


Three classes for weirdo guys who talk to and play with bugs, worms, and slimes:
Bug Collector 1, Bug Collector 2, Bug Collector 3
Wormhandler, Wormhandler Insect List

Parasite Host

Hyperborean Super-Humans and their Minions:
Mutations of the Vat-Grown
More Vat-Grown Abominations
Morlock Type-Dude



Froglings-Big frogmen from the swamps
Grippli-Little frogmen who climb trees

Doomslakers! Variants on many classic classes by James V. West.

A huge list of player resources. You can find suggestions for classes and other options for players. Keep in mind that many of these things might need some work before we shoe-horn them into our game.

A bunch of links to race/classes which also might be compatible and port-able into our game.

Loosening up on BX Race-as-Class by Jeff Rients
Use these rules to make your own class. This might require some serious work depending on how far you want to depart from a listed race/class.

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